Fast-forwarding and rewinding tv shows and movies?

Josh Kennedy

With the apple tv, how do I fast-forward and rewind tv shows and movies when I am using the disney plus app? So far the only way I found how to do this, is to ask siri to rewind or fast forward a certain amount of time, or to start from the beginning, and siri will do it. But is there a way to do this using the remote, without asking siri?


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jan howells <gale7978@...>

Hi Josh,

Can you speak to your fire tv through Alexa and ask her to put on the channels or that tv shows that you would like? Or is there an app to ask Siri to do it. Do you have to connect your apple device to the tv wirelessly?


Josh Kennedy

You have to connect the apple tv box using an HDMI cable and plug it into the tv that way, and yes I can ask siri to rewind or fast forward for me. 

Josh Kennedy

I figured it out with disney plus. When you start or resume a tv show episode or movie with the disney plus app on apple tv, immediately pause the movie by clicking the remote. Then click and hold down while dragging your finger left, or sometimes left and up also works. Then you should be at or near the beginning of the movie or show in the disney plus apple tv app. And on iOS, double tap in the middle of the screen, then the media buttons appear and you can fast forward and rewind.