A funny thing happened with my quest for info on the Logitech K120 keyboard

"Marvin Atkins"

Hello all,
A few days ago I sent this group the below email:
“Hello all,
Does anyone have, or know of, the Logitech K120 keyboard? I can’t seem to find out if this keyboard has the original six-pack and inverted t arrow keys.
I did not receive a reply: I had looked on the Walmart site, Amazon site and inquired on Google but I could not get an impression if this keyboard was what I am looking for; meaning, a standard keyboard with the six-pack and inverted T arrow keys. Well, tonight I was testing out the IPhone app ‘Seeing AI’ (app that reads text via the IPhone camera among other things the app can do) and I thought I will run this across the keyboard I am currently using to see if it picks up a name. Guess what, I am using the Logitech K120 and didn’t even know it.  How stupid was that? Anyway, I will now order two or three of these keyboards just to have around in case my wife or I need one.
Thanks for listening,

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