Looking for a talking thermometer

Loy <loyrg2845@...>

Anyone know where I could find a clinical talking thermometer? I searched Amazon and did not find one except in Spanish. I saw them last week, I guess there is a run on these as well.


Maybe check on eBay.

Gerald Levy

I have already checked Amazon, ILA, Maxi-Aids and FutureAids, and none of them have talking clinical thermometers in stock.  ILA expects to have them back in stock on March 27.  I have the Health Smart DigiScan talking forehead thermometer somebody else previously mentioned, but find that it consistently registers on the low side.  My forehead readings are almost always below 98 degrees F, although they are usually a little higher when the probe is inserted into the ear canal. Oral and rectal thermometers are the most accurate, if not necessarily the most sanitary.   .


On 3/16/2020 11:10 AM, Holly wrote:
Maybe check on eBay.