asking for suggestions on asus netbooks

Jim Ruby


I have a couple of netbooks asus eee pc 1000ha and 1005he. They came
with windows xp with an upgrade to windows 7 starter. I never did the
upgrade to windows 7 starter and I no longer have the disk to
re-install. I'd like to make use of these but am not sure if I can get
a version of xp to re-install. Does anyone have any suggestions? The
hd on both netbooks no longer have any recover partition. I had vinux
on one, but that is no longer being maintained.

So my options at this point would be:

1 find and install xp, upgrade it to windows 7 starter and then
upgrade to windows 10.

2. find some sort of flavor of linux distro that talks and has good

Does anyone have any ideas on either path? at this point I'm leaning
tward option1 because all the distros of linux I've found either are
dead, not being maintained or just don't work. btw: I'd like an iso of
linux with speach installer. I've not had much luck.

I did try an install of windows 7 starter, but xp serial number won't
work cause don't they change when you move to the upgrade to windows 7

Thanks for any help, suggestions and resources.