Painted Myself into a Corner?



OK, I've managed to Screw something up on my New System.

Was setting up a New for me, Win 10 System, with jaws, and the Brave

When in Brave, the Web Browser, I have possibly flipped a Switch so that
now when I press the Enter Key, or Press the Space Bar on a Link, or
Button, I get no reaction.

I can go to Web Sites and attempt to Download a File and the Link will
be right there, and I press the Enter Key to start the Download, and I
get nothing.  The Download never begins.

A friend can use the Mouse to Click on the same link and the Download
begins as expected.,

I can't tell if I've messed up a setting in Brave, or in Jaws, or both.

Also, I can't get Jaws to stop speaking the key strokes.

Where is this setting?  Seems simple and it probably is, but it's now
almost 3:00 am, and I'm not remembering my name at this point.

If anyone can help that would be great.

Grumpy Dave