How to access files and folders on BrailleNote BT32 in Windows 10?

Steven Johnson <saxmonger@...>

I have some BARD books that did not seem to unzip correctly when I copied the .Zip files to my SD Card and then unzipped them with the BrailleNote itself.  I would like to access the folders and files on my BrailleNote BT32 with my Windows 10 machine to more quickly clean up the mess.  The solutions in the manual refer to an application called Key Sync, but I am unclear about where to download it, or whether or not I can use it with Windows 10.  My question is:  How do I get at my files and folders on the BrailleNote through Windows with my BrailleNote hooked up to the computer?

Abbie Taylor

I'm afraid there's no easy way to access files on your BNT with your computer. You'll just have to put the SD card back into your computer and fix the files that way. Next time, I suggest using the unzip feature in Windows Explorer, then moving the extracted files to the SD card.  I hope that helps. 

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author