how does one make edge look like internet explorer

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           And there are times when "tough love" is the only way to go, both for your own sanity and to give maximum assistance to someone who needs it.  Given what you have said about this individual, I suspect we're talking about someone using outdated everything, including Windows.

           Other than if you are talking concepts, e.g., a web address box is a web address box whether we're talking IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc., you don't answer anything of the ilk, "So I can do the same thing on IE."  The answer is, IE is dead - dead, dead, dead - and I will not discuss a single thing about it other than how to get away from it.

            I have dealt with the tooth-pulling endless coaxing set many times in the past, and what that has taught me is that if you indulge them, at all, they'll continue to drag you down into their rabbit hole continuously.  Once you make it clear that the only help they will get from you is how to get themselves up to date, take it or leave it, then they're responsible for whether they take it or leave it.  You do not owe anyone bad advice, and nursing along IE, any version of Office earlier than 2013, or any version of Windows prior to 8.1 (and I'd say 10, myself), is giving bad advice.  If they won't let you rip off the band-aid then that is their choice.  And before anyone says anything along the lines of, "but he/she is a senior citizen," just don't bother.  The old are not incapable of learning or adjusting.  What someone who's 80 right now has had to adjust to during their lives, the advent of the automobile as a major mode of transport, the introduction of the telephone, computer, indoor plumbing (yes, in many locations, including where I grew up), electricity (for many from rural areas), airplane travel, and the list goes on and on changing versions of Windows, Office, or web browsers is trivial by comparison.  It can be done, and much more easily if resistance will not be tolerated.

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