Most accessible Voice Recorder App?

Carrie Morales

Hi all,

What’s the most accessible Android voice recorder app that has NO ads.



Carrie Morales

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Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Sis Carrie asked:

"What's the most accessible Android voice recorder app that has NO ads."

Hmm, dear sis; what sort of recording at you seeking to do? Example, are
you thinking of recording phone conversations or just plain voice and memo
recordings? Are you looking for a PAID APP or a free one?

See how troublesome I am? You asked one question, I came back with a
thousand! Well, that's what this brat child does to his sisters! With that
I'll run away and wait for your answers. Take care, regards to all, God

Denver, Colorado

Abbie Taylor

On my BrailleNote Touch Plus, I use Mp3 Recorder. I think it has adds, but I rarely see them. In the past, I've used Easy Voice Recorder, which records in M4A format, but it's more cumbersome. I think it works better on my iPhone. I hope this is helpful. 

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author