Stream Genie

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Good evening,


This is my first email to this group. I am one of those weird people that wants to turn on my TV and turn it to a station and watch a program. I don’t mind searching for a specific movie on Net Flix, or searching you tube for something, but when I watch TV, I don’t want to have to go searching forever for current live TV.


I have bought 3 digital antennas, and none of them get very many stations. I bought a roof antenna just to find it is extremely difficult to mount it on my house. The wire would have to go three quarters of the way around my house.


I am looking for information about the Stream Genie. I would appreciate hearing about individual’s experiences with it, or any reliable information that can be provided.


I feel extremely strongly about the negative business practices of our local cable company, and don’t want to support a business that charges their long term customers more and more money. Call me strange, but I thought a good practice would be rewarding long term loyal customers, not penalizing them.


Thanks for any info about this system.