TMobile 5g internet review

enes sarıbaş

Hi all,

So I signed up for this service, as soon as I learned of it, and that it was offered in my address area.  I would like to share my experiences so that it may be useful for people thinking of trying this out. First of all,  the router is an LTE router that can use wi fi and has ethernet ports, which is what I use for pcs. It comes with two  screws in a bag, a battery, and the router itself. You need to align  the grooves with the groves on the modem to insert the battery, and  then you need something larger than a phillips p0 or p1 screw driver to screw the screws in. They give you something with a hole at the end with grooves, but it is basicly for decoration and useless. When setting up the router, you  can go to to log into it, using the  username and password printed in the rectangular space under the router.  As for connection speed,, I get up to 50 mbps average download, and consistantly get above 40 mbps upload constantly. It is important to note  that  the  internet is deprioritized over mobile, so your download speeds may drop sharply sometimes. That explains a speedtest I did, which showed 18 down and 44 mbps up.  Compared to AT&T ADSL 18 mbps internet, there is a ping difference of 19 ms for same servers, which isn't much. One thing to note though, TMobile home internet uses virtual IPs, so you will  needd to make use of a vpn or something similar to forward ports. All in all, for most ADSL/VDSL connections or satallite,  it seems like an easy decision to switch, if cell service is good in your area. The data is also unlimited with no throttling for use. If you are curious what speeds you can get, they are able to tell you this, however I highly suspect they use hardware to limit this, or the cell tower in my area has limited capacity, because my speed always seems to hover around 49 mbps to 50 mbps.

Oh alsso, if canceling AT&T DSL, they have a disgusting billing policy, where they bill you in advance, and if you cancel during the period, you don't get a refund for days you won't use. For example, I had more than 14 days remaining on my bill, however, I am still charged, and service can't be stopped until the billing period ends.