Down arrow key on the laptop not working in some programmes

Akshaya Choudhary

Hello guys,

The down arrow key on my laptop is not working in Windows's and several other programmes. It is not a hardware issue, since the key is working perfectly fine in all my browsers. I suspect it might be caused by some Windows update. If you guys are familiar with this issue and have any possible solution, kindly let me know. It would be a great help.


Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

Standard advice:

1.  If your computer manufacturer has a support page for drivers and downloads, check to see if there is a keyboard driver for your specific make and model.  Download and install.

if they don't have one or that doesnt' work:

2. Using SFC (System File Checker) and DISM (Deployment Imaging Servicing and Management) to Repair Windows 8 & 10

if that doesn't solve the problem:

3. Doing a Windows 10 Repair Install or Feature Update Using the Windows 10 ISO file

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Akshaya Choudhary

Hello Brian,

As it turned out, by mistake I had reassigned the Down Arrow key in this clipboard manager I use, Ditto Clipboard .  The problem is resolved after reinstalling the programme. Thank you for your response though.