blind android users podcast episode number 4 is now ready for you to listen.


hi all.
in this jam packed episode of the blind android users podcast, we
continue the "Android setup" process we started last time.
this episode has chapter markers so if you listen to a player
supporting chapter markers you can listen to the section you want
Warren continued showing you how to setup your android phone from
where he left off.

We next had a chat with a special guest, Professor Paul Ruvolo, the
developer of the "Clew" app.
"Clew aims to change our world when it comes to indoor navigation.
For the time being, however, "Clew" is only available for the iPhone
at the following URL:
From the sounds of it, however, seems like Professor Ruvolo is going
to look into bringing it to Android shortly and I can't wait!
We then moved on to the "my android journey" segment of the podcast,
and our friend, Tony Sohl, takes us on a journey of his android.

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