new Lenovo laptop

Josh Kennedy


Well I got and set up my new Lenovo laptop yesterday. It’s this one…


And I have to say it works great! The keys are about as big as desktop keyboard keys and they have a nice feel to them and press down nice so I know I am typing stuff. But more importantly is the fast 256gb ssd drive! Pair that with the ryzen5-3500U 3.7ghz processor, 8gigs ddr4 ram, and wow this thing is really really fast! So that being said, I highly recommend this Lenovo laptop!

And that being said, I am now selling my old hp laptop if anyone is interested. Aside from a few sticking keys which could be fixed with a cleaning or plugging in a USB keyboard, the old hp laptop works fine. It has an AMD a6 processor, 2.4ghz, 500gig hard drive, normal, not sdd, 4gigs ram. Latest windows10. So if anyone is interested I would like to sell my old laptop for $120 including shipping. I accept paypal for payments. And if interested just send me an email off list at:

Joshknnd1982@.... In case the email address does not go through, that is:

J, o, s, h, k, n, n, d, 1, 9, 8, 2, at sign, g, m, a, I, l, dot, c, o, m.




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