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Josh Kennedy


I just bought a new braille buddy embosser for the times I want multiline braille and tactile graphics, something the orbit reader and most braille displays cannot do… I got the embosser it from irie-at …

force, for use with the plastic permabraille sheets? The only other thing I may get for the embosser is one of their cheaper extended warrantys but that will be next month. and it is on its way to me. But in the meantime if there are any braille embosser general email lists or discussion groups I could join, could you let me know? I will not be using Duxbury with it. I will just be using Microsoft office with the tiger suite addin, along with braille blaster, and probably Microsoft paint for tactile graphics and excel for charts and graphs. This embosser takes both single sheets and tractor paper, to save space I will just bbe using single cut sheet paper for now. My main question though is, I will be using standard braille paper, 8.5 by 11 inches. And I also want to use the permabraille plastic sheets from time to time. My braille paper is 3 hole punched. So do these printers have default settings for standard 100lbs paper and another to adjust the punch force or embosser hammer

    The embosser was $1495, exactly, with free shipping after I went through the combo boxes and kept choosing no-thanks, because it wanted to know the website that is, if I wanted Duxbury, tactile design software, wifi printing with go-braille box, extended warrantys, a rolling travel case… for the extras and accessories. I do not need those after all I am just a stay-at-home parent of a sighted child who may do some very small volume transcribing for people once in awhile and printing out my own personal stuff like church readings and stuff, address lists, recipes, bank records, statements and maybe turning those statements into graphs in excel and embossing those, etcetera. Now my last embosser I had was a braille blazer from 30 years ago in 1991 or so. So any updated tips on the modern personal braille printers would be welcome. And if you want to take this off list, my email is:




and if that did not come through to the list, let me write it a different way so you all get my private email, unfiltered.


J, o, s, h, k, n, n, d, 1, 9, 8, 2, at, g, m, a, I, l, dot, c, o, m.



Thanks for any help and tips from an old braille blazer with ms-DOS and megaDots user from back in 1992.




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