Blind android users show number 5, alternatives to WhatsApp


hi all.
the 5th episode of blind android users is now ready for you to enjoy.
it can be found at.
In episode 5, we start off by talking about the just announced Samsung
Galaxy S21, discussing what Samsung has done in removing the SDCard
slot and following Apple's lead and not including the wall charging

We also talked about Facebook's walking back what it said about
sharing data of users of its popular WhatsApp Messenger.
We then moved to the main section of the episode where we discuss a
couple of WhatsApp alternatives--Signal and Telegram.

Warren demoed the Signal app on phone and pc.
Austin demonstrated the Telegram app for android and the unigram app
for windows.
we then concluded the show by Warren introducing Pierre who talks of
his Android Journey in the "My Story" segment of the podcast.

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