text not printing correctly in Microsoft word

Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>


I pasted some text into word. I wanted to print church readings. I made sure the text was aligned justified. I inserted a header and footer for page numbering. I then went into the tiger tab into the current profile settings told it to translate headers and footers, saved the settings… I then hit quick emboss on the tiger tab which translates it to braille, making and opening a new document like churchreadings-brl.doc, sets font to braille 29Point font and embosses the document. But everything is aligned left on the braille page, even though align is set to justify in the original document. What am I doing wrong? Also headers and footers are not being translated correctly. They are in the top middle of the paper, no number sign before the page number. I like so far how the viewPlus embossers put text into boxes. They draw a real box as a tactile graphic with the text inside it and other text to its left and wrapping around the bottom of the tactile graphic box. So if anyone can help me with my text alignment problem please let me know.







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