a jaws settings question

Troy Burnham

Hi all,

What jaws settings do I need to change so that for example when I use the windows key with a letter jaws just performs the function I want and doesn't say anything? I used to have it set that way but after having to reinstall jaws this week I've been all through the key labels in settings and can't seem to get it to do what I want, it says that I can't disable either windows key from speaking so what I want to do must be done some other way.

I have both jaws 2018 and jaws 2021 installed and the same thing happens no matter what version I'm using.


Abbie Taylor

If you uncheck the box that says, "Key Echo" in the start-up wizard, that should solve your problem. There might be a way to do this in the settings center, but don't quote me on that. Your best bet would be to search for "Key Echo." I hope that helps.

Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author https://abbiescorner.wordpress.com