android notetakers: your thoughts?

John Holcomb II

Hey all,

So I’m curious  to your opinions of them (for those  who have one.)

Do people other than ones in school have or use these things?

Are there advantages ,disadvantages?

Who makes them?

I know there is the Humanwhere Braille Note Plus.

I believe  Hims inc. makes one?

Are there any others in this space?

Or do just those t two support android.

What kinda specs are on these devices and how are they with security and  keeping up with newer android versions?

Are they data only devices or can you make phone calls with them?

I believe they have  both cell modems and wifi?

  What kinda internal storage is there?

Are you able to choose the amount of storage/ram/processor with any of these?

Do any have QWERTY keyboards? Or is it braille keyboards only?

Do they  have touch screen, USB-C? fingerprint readers?

Could you use Google Pay on them, or do they work with Google Assistant?

Any idea of what kinda a DAC is in these things?

Thanks all!