My New Keyboard Dell Business Multimedia And A Question

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

I am the guy who posted questions about a keyboard a few weeks ago with specifications I wanted: two windows keys, volume control for default audio and so on.  I purchased one that fits all those needs and more.  it is the Dell Multimedia Business Keyboard KB522.
I got it on amazon for about $35 US.

This board even has keys to launch your default mail program, take a screen shot and launch your default browser.  I don't really need the mail and browser keys because I already have hot keys set up for those myself.  I am wondering if you can change the default keystrokes to launch mail and browser from the Windows default: Mail in  Windows 10 and Edge for Windows Ten.  I am just curious.  I looked under device manager for any such settings for the keyboard and I saw none.  I looked for an INI file associated with the keyboard and I could find none.

If anyone knows how to customize these very useful settings, I would appreciate some help--just for laughs and giggles if for no other reason.

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