anchor podcast question

Keith S

Hi, when I download podcasts on my humanware VR stream, some of the  podcasts were created with the anchor podcast creation website, and these podcasts do not allow  the listener to fast forward or skip or even jump to a time or percentage of the podcast.  This gets frustrating when  I have to stop listening to a podcast if I need to ake a phone call, if I decide to go to sleep, or if someone is trying to talk to me.
Is there any way to convert or strip the inhibiting features to allow me to skip or fast foward to a certain point in the podcast as with other podcasts or .mp3 files?
I have resorted to not listening to podcasts using the anchor website for production which means I have missed out on many good sounding podcasts but that is my choice I know, but I would think that a podcast production would consider not using such production methods considering stopping the podcast playing means you have to restart listening at the beginning, but on the other hand I know  that this feature prevents listeners from fast forwarding through advertisements or ads.
Any suggestions or am I just stuck having to either forgoe these podcast  podcasts or bite down on the bullet and listen to all the fillers on the podcasts?