looking fo over the ear headphones

heather albright

Hello, I have a hard time to find Bluetooth ear buds. I like my oggy true Bluetooth wireless  earbuds. I got them for 19 dollars with the discount off amazon, they do not have them anymore. So I got the amazon echo buds but, no matter with tip I tried, the shape of the buds kept falling out of my ears. I told the amazon rep and they said that is a common problem with some people with the earbuds.

was wondering if anyone can recommend on ear Bluetooth headsets. I want to be able to carrying them in my purse when I go out. So is there a set of on ear headset that can fold up to take on the go? I really wished ear buds worked for me, at least one did. Thanks Heather



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Abbie Taylor

I recently purchase the Ancher SoundLife noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones from http://www.mysticaccess.com  These headphones can be used wired and can connect to more than one device. The neat thing about buying products from Mystic Access is that they provide audio tutorials that you can either download or have them send you on an SD card along with the product.

These headphones sound great. Not only do they drown out external noises, but when you use the in--line microphone, it drowns out external noises while you're on a call or making a recording. I highly recommend them.

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