Humorous Zoom related message I wrote, a Virtual Audiologist

Sharon Hooley


I just thought I'd have some fun to share a humorous piece I wrote to ecently. I would like to have feedback and suggestions about how I can improve this off-list if anyone wants to pitch in. :)

Welcome to the Hooley Hearing Clinic! My name is Sharon. I am a virtual audiologist, and I'm available now to give anyone a hearing exam via zoom. If you're interested, please send me your contact info to receive notifications, then come back to the Zoom controls. Now, through your headsets or connected hearing devices, please listen for a tone. If you hear it, just press alt+y on your PC, tap the icon on your iPhone, or star-6 in a phone call to raise your hand. This will automaticly send you a billing statement. If you wish to continue this test with different tones with varying volume levels, toggle to lower your hand and repeat the process. Each time you confirm that you heard these sounds, your bill amount will increase. If you complete the entire exam, wich includes words and sentences spoken by the other members in this meting, I will attach a copy of the results. If you decide to get a second opinion with another audiologist in person and the results are not the same, send me a message and I will refund you. Garunteed or your money back, no questions asked.

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