FW: WebAudio.Com - Audio News App - New App Testers for iOS

John Holcomb II

Hey guys,

I did a test on this app before and it is promising.

Basically they have hired people to read  news and they prevent it in audio form.

They are looking for more testers and I was told I could forward the email below. I’ve done a hack job on it to make it make a bit more sense.



From: Jean-Paul dela Houssaye <admin@...>


Hi...this is Jean-Paul from WebAudio.Com. I hope you are well! I am in talks with investors trying to raise funding to bring

the audio news app to market. Investors are wanting us to find more beta testers and I wanted to ask you if you know of

anyone else who may be interested?...if so, please please please send them my way. We need people to spend a few

minutes with our app and provide their very extremely valuable feedback. Since the version you tested (thank you kindly),

our iOS developer improved the VoiceOver capabilities and we added increased speeds of normal playback, to 1.25, 1.50,

1.75 and 2.0 (double speed). If you know of anyone who is interested, I would very much like to connect with them! Please

feel free to send them our way. They can reach me at betatest@... or this email address admin@....

we are looking for people who are either totally blind 

or have low vision who are interested in testing the WebAudio audio news app. They will need to download TestFlight 

and it is best if they have some tech experience and are comfortable with VoiceOver.

the investors are wanting more people's input and feelings about the WebAudio app. 

Getting them to invest in an app for the blind has been a challenge. We need happy people yet honest feedback.

Thank you very much, your help getting the word out is going to have a great impact on this app and service! Thanks,