accessible offsite backup storage solution?

John Holcomb II

Hi all,

I’m looking for an accessible off  site backup storage solution.

While CrashPlan has been good to me  I’ve written support multiple times  and not gotten answers back.

They used to have really good phone support and would remote in to help me as a blind consumer. This is  no longer the case.

My needs are that I need to be able to back up files (which at this point are roughly 3TB and growing.)

If the HD crashes,  I’d like to  be able to restore the files.

I don’t want to have to think about it.

As files will change over time, I want a set it and forget it solution that is ready to go in case of a hard drive crash.

Having  US-based tech support in case I need help is important to me.

I’m willing to pay for this service.

I do not want download or upload limits  as far as speed.

Any ideas?