Sincere Apology

Nimer Jaber

Hello everyone,

Some of you may have received multiple messages from me in my attempt to correct a link to my stream re Android apps. I am very sorry for this, and will do my best to prevent a repeat.

What happened: I wanted to add on to the initial video, as I did not have Android subsystem working. I needed to recreate the video, which necessitated a new link. As I was sending out the email with the updated link, I sent it twice inadvertently, as I did not realize the first went through.

Steps to mitigate this in future: I will be more diligent in checking to see whether announcements were sent out, and will do what I can to avoid duplicates. I will avoid sending out updates to links as well, and hope that you may consider subscribing to be alerted to any new content, to avoid spamming various groups.

Again, please accept my apology for the duplicated messages. If you have any comments or questions, please send those privately to nimerjaber1@...



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Thank you, and have a great day!