Google sheets vs Microsoft Excel

Pablo Morales

Hello all,


I am a good user of Excel, and I am needing to learn more about Google sheets. However, I am not sure if I would be able to do the same with both software.

For example, I know that I would be able to create formulas to manage or modify values on the excel sheet as well on the google sheet. However, the functions used on Excel are going to have the same syntax on google sheets?

Is google sheets going to have an equivalent number of functions?

How is the accessibility on the Google sheets. It is as easy to use like excel?

I am a jaws and NVDA user.

Microsoft Excel has a large number of operations located on the ribbons. Operations like forecasting, analysis of data, conditional deletion, Consolidation of data, etc. This are great tools for data analysis. Is Google sheets going to have these kind of tools?

Last question, anybody knows a  good training for google sheets?


Thanks in advance,