I don't know the site you reference.  I would recommend downloading it directly from the Mozilla site.  The site you reference may be safe but there are a lot of sites that offer downloads of programs that have unwanted programs bundled with them or malware.  The Mozilla site is safe, barring some sort of successful hack, of course, but that seldom or very seldom happens.

As you will see or have seen, I recommend using Firefox portable and I gave the link where you may get it.  It is not developed  by Mozilla.  The link I gave is to the developers' web site.


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Here you go:


There’s a button on there that says download firefox


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could someone put up a link for firefox? I am so fed up with google and MS edge I could say nasty words and spit!

thanks in advance....

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Yes, it’s the only browser I use


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Using Windows 11, JAWS 2022, and am trying out FireFox 95. So far I am liking it better than Google. I can delete History and some other things that I can't do in Google. Are others liking it?