both accessible facebook addresses I see 2 new glitches


    Both with and I've noticed a couple things and wonder if anyone else has. The first is when I want to tag friends the friends' options page seems to only show 1 or 2 names and the name repeats on the page. Like the first item could say blindtech; the second could say blindtech, etc. I use the Jaws cursor and can see other names but can't get to names to check for tag friends.

The second thing that both these sites are doing is, there's this weird new phrase that I see right before I want to send a private message. I pasted it but will change the name. It goes:

Add Recipients
Replying will allow ... to see info you've made public. I know that if I add recipients the first person I sent it to will see all the replies. But I just didn't know how "public" Facebook is going with private messages.

I've used both Brave and Firefox and both have this inability to tag friends.