determining the number of bluetooth connections

Madison Martin <Madison.Martin2000@...>

Hi all,

Is there any way that I can determine the number of things that I can have connected to my laptop at a time? Currently I have two but I have a Bluetooth keyboard that I’d really like to connect to my laptop until we figure out how best to fix the broken key on my laptop but I’d hate to connect it only to find out that I have too many things connected, so really hope someone can help me!! My laptop is a Lenovo think book 13s if that matters at all.



Olusegun -- Victory Associates LTD, Inc.

Madison, bluetooth DOES NOT CARE about the number of bluetooth toys you have
pared/connected. I've been known to use a headset, keyboard, speaker, etc.
simultaneously without hurting a fly. Each of these is a bluetooth toy.

Denver, Colorado

Hi, I am Android, the THINKING PERSON'S OS!!