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in episode 101, we first thank our youtube subscribers for taking us
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first, Mariam shows you how to diagnose problems and device care
available on samsung phones.
then the podcast crew reflects on topics that were discussed on our
100 episode celebration in which our listeners had joined us.
topics include.
seeing move assistant and guided frames on pixel and Samsung cameras
Warren demos it on pixel 7 phone.
Android marriage with windows.
Watch my demo of how to link any android device to a pc running
windows 10 or 11 the demo is available on YouTube
All about TTS in which we went down memmory lain discussing the piko
tts available back in android 2.3.6 days and how some of the tts may
not work after android 14 roles out as it will be 64 bit only.
And the most important of all, phone speakers and audio.
in which we discuss beets audio, the best sounding phone. and much more.

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