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Hi Margaret,
Well, I like to go locally too, because I need to feel the device rather it be a button or a plug or a outlet on the device. I have the sales person to show me a display, so they can show me the power button or where the plug goes in, or how to run the device, and if they don't have a opened display, I ask them if I can speak to their manager. I figure like this, when sighted people go to the store, they can see what they are buying even if they are looking at the picture, but I can't, and I really don't think I am asking for a whole lot. As a blind person, I see by feeling, besides, I am a paying customer. Most of the time the sales person has no problem with opening a box, but they might ask me if I am going to buy this, and I tell them yes, if you show me where a button is etc, and I tell them I need you to show me a button or where to plug in a plug or other buttons, and they show me what I ask them to show me, the sales person puts the item back in the box, and I pay for it. Now, there have been a few times when a sales person might be a little reluctant to remove a device out of a box, I then ask them to go get their manager, and I tell the manager the same thing I am surprised you don't have this item on a open display. The manager tells the sales person to show me what I want to see on the device. The manager usually then tells the sales person to just leave the item on the shelf for a display, and the sales person will give me the box that hasn't been opened. I am fine with that because now they have the device on display for someone else to see it. I've done this several times, but if I am pretty sure I want to buy the item. There has been just a couple of times I found I didn't want the device wasn't what I thought it was, and the sales person just puts it back on the shelf to leave it on display. I don't always have sighted help, so I have to do what I have to do as a blind person. I remember I took my Bose stereo to Best Buy, and I told them I needed some kind of cable to connect this Bose stereo to my phone through Bluetooth, they got the cable for me, and then I told them now I need you to connect the cable from the back of the stereo, and they did. I then paid for it, and came home and plugged in my Bose, and it was fine! I did the same thing when I bought my Bose portable speaker, I had the sales person to remove the speaker out of the box, and connect it to Bluetooth on my phone, and I came home and turned on my phone, and pushed the button on the speaker, and it has been fine ever since!

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Janet and Mike B,

Thank you both. I'll give the alternate to the F1 etc. keys a try.

Janet, may I ask how easily it went getting the sales person at the store to pair the K480 right there for you? I'm asking since I like to buy locally when possible, but what I think of a bit of a Golden Rule at stores that a happy customer is good for business and is much more likely to return and may even recommend the store to others than an unhappy one seems to have fallen out of fashion and it is sometimes hard to find a sales person willing to go the extra mile for a sale. A case in point is that a friend wanted to give me a computer chair for my birthday and knew I wanted one without arms. Staples is the only office supply store in my area and she figured an arm less computer chair isn't such an unusual item to have in stock. She said they had something like
20 office chairs but none without arms. The sales person said they don't sell arm less office chairs and made no offer to go online to
Staples' site. It took me a very short time to find a whole buch of
arm less office chairs in a wide variety of colors and styles online at the Staples site. I got my chair, but when I knew I wanted the K380 that salesperson's laziness effected my opinion of Staples and I didn't bother trying to see if the store had any in stock.

I'll keep your success in getting your problem solved in mind for the future. There are folks willing to go the extra mile. That was good quick thinking!


On 12/4/2022 4:51 PM, Janet wrote:
Hi Margaret and Mike,

Margaret, I have a LogitechK480 Bluetooth Keyboard myself, in which I
think is very similar to the Logitech380.  When I first bought mine, I
asked the sales person in the store how can I pair this keyboard to my
XR iPhone, well needless to say after he told me I would need to enter
a code in which consisted a few numbers, I knew that wasn't going to
work for me as I am a total, and had no sighted assistance at home.
Ok now, I had to think fast!  So, I had the sales person at the store
to remove the keyboard from the box, and pair the keyboard to my
phone, and he put it back in the box, and I then paid for it!  I
mention this to you just for future references, because some times it
is just to difficult trying to pair all these devices, when we are
blind, so just keep that in mind for the next time you might want to
buy some Technology at the store, as I do this most of the time, and
that is the only reason I go to the store to buy any of my Technology.
When I got home, I did exactly what Mike B is telling you to do to
connect the keyboard to your phone, and it works!


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Hi Margaret,

I don't know what happened to my keyboard but, it no longer remembers
the, F1 key, stored setting I had set for my iPhone.

So, what I do now is I open the Settings app on my iPhone and swipe to
the Bluetooth button, but I don't open the Bluetooth app just yet,
then I turn the keyboard on, wait a few seconds, now I single finger
double tap the Bluetooth button to open the app, swipe to the K380
keyboard and single finger double tap that button.  I know this long
winded, but after you do it a couple of times it's not so bad.  I just
got tired of trying to pair it to one of the F1, F2 or F3 keys to remember my keyboard.

Stay safe & take care.  Mike.

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Hi, All:

I had heard that some Logitech K380 Bluetooth keyboards required
sighted assistance to pair them and that others did not have a code
and that there was no way of knowing which one might get.  So, mine
had been sitting in its box since July awaiting a good opportunity for
sighted assistance to be available if it was required.  I called my
computer company to schedule an appointment for a couple of computer
things and a couple of iPhone ones, including pairing the K380 with my
SE 2020 and figured I wouldn't be able to get an appointment for
several days and would have a chance to do my homework before the tech
came.  The dispatcher said that she could send a guy in about an hour
if I would be home then.  So, I had no time for homework about the
process other than what I remembered from old posts when I was
shopping for an external keyboard.

VO was off and, in about 10 seconds the guy said he was done and he
didn't say a word about what he was doing and no question about
whether I wanted to pair another device.

The afternoon with him did not go well with other projects either and
I thought I should try to find out if he had finished or if I needed
to specify a device.  F1 maybe, for the first device.
On the iPhone, in settings; bluetooth is on; double tapping and My
Devices lists the K380 and says not connected.  So, should I assume
I'll need to do the second step and he technically did not finish the job?
Oh, yeah I figured it would be a good idea to ask him if he had turned
off the keyboard and he said now it is.

Any help in finally getting to use the K380 would be very appreciated.


Previously, Mike B wrote:
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Hi Troy,
Yes, the K-380 does have an on / off switch. With the keyboard
positioned correctly in front of you, on the left edge / side, in the
upper left side corner is a switch that slides forward / backward.
With the switch closest to you the keyboard is off, and pushing /
sliding the switch away from you turns in on.
Richard Turner
I believe it is much like the k480 but uses f1 f2 and f3 for the
select each device you pair with.
The left of the spacebar starting all the way to the left should be
control, function, options, then command.
Spacebar right, should be command, options, then the arrow keys I think.
If you do control-options-k you can turn on keyboard help on your
iDevice and you should be able to confirm what most of them are Most
of the f-keys do little or nothing with iOS.
ON mine, f5 seems to invoke search.  f6 rewind, f7 pause or play, f8
One or other of the ones after f9 seem to be a home button.  The final
key on the right on that row, says Delete, but does nothing.  The one
below delete that is twice as big as the delete key is backspace.  The
one below backspace, before return is Back Slash.
Note from MikeB.: My K380 does not have a Back Space key.
Again, this is my K480.


Take care.  Mike.  Sent from my iBarstool.  Go Rams!
Arguing with a woman is like reading a software license agreement.  In
the end you have to ignore everything, & click I agree.
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Hi all,

I asked for suggestions for a new bluetooth keyboard a week or 2 ago,
and I can't remember who it was but somebody suggested the Logitech
K380 keyboard. I received that keyboard today and got it paired to my
phone which is what I'll be using it with the most, but the print in
the manual that came with it is very small so it's hard for my mom to
see it so I'd like some help regarding key position etc, as well as
knowing if there's an on/off switch as I haven't found one.

Also, I've had a bluetooth keyboard before but unless the commands are
the same no matter what brand of keyboard it is I'd like to know where
I can find a list of commands. I googled Logitech K380 bluetooth
keyboard manual and didn't find much.