Accessibility and the ADA

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Agreed, if we're going to talk about accessibility and the ADA we should start a new thread.

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Maybe the subject line should be changed
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Actually there are other laws that cover housing and accessibility though. There are laws that require that a landlord must allow a service dog in a rented house or apartment without requiring a pet deposit, they aren't supposed to discriminate against a prospective tenant based on whether or not the person has a disability etc. So even if these things aren't in the ADA itself there are related laws that deal with home issues. There are exceptions like if a person is renting a single room in a home the laws are different than they are for apartments and other multi renter dwellings.
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As far as I know the ADA primarily concerns public spaces. If that's
true it doesn't reach into private homes so home appliances aren't

The only thing I've heard about home devices is that there is
legislation that if passed will require manufacturers of medical
devices intended for home use, like CPAP machines design them to be
fully accessible.


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Yes that is a problem with Hamilton Beach which is a shame because
they used to make that really nice talking microwave that I still
have but they discontinued it. I heard there were problems with it
just stopping operation and that a lot of people had problems with it
but the one I've had has worked for many years and I know others who
had similar experiences. I wonder if something happened where
someone with a disability sued them or something or if they are just
being overly cautious. It seems like legally people should be able
to challenge that and require them to remove that statement or in
other ways make their appliances more accessible but I don't know
enough about the entirety of the ADA and later amendments to know if
that area is even addressed since mostly what I've heard about ADA
access laws deals with education, employment, transportation,
communications etc. but I've never heard kitchen appliances addressed
directly as far as laws are concerned. It seems like they may not be
because there are certainly tons of appliances around that are not
very easily accessible.


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Last time I checked, Hamilton Beach makes a lot of different types
of coffee makers, so you'll have to be more specific to be of any help.

Plus Hamilton Beach intentionally excludes the visually impaired
(among others) when they design their products as evidenced by this
statement being in all of their product manuals.

"This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capabilities"

So I will not buy any of their products.


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Hamilton Beach! There are 2 different models, but both are
definitely accessible. Bottom button is stronger coffee and top
button is weaker coffee.

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Hi everyone!

This is not exactly a tech item unless you consider the ones
that have
touch screens on them. I am looking for a single cup coffee
maker that
is blind friendly and makes a decent cup of coffee. The one I
now makes coffee that is somewhat weak. It could make stronger
coffee if
its grounds cup was bigger.

I don't want K-cups because they are expensive and K-cups can
only brew
about six ounces of coffee per cup and I'd like to be able to
14 ounces to fill a travel mug.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.


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