Admin. Laz is now a co-owner


I realized after I sent this announcement that I should have used Admin. in the subject line.  I’m sending it again.  Some people may skip the first message because it wasn’t identified as an administrative message.
Gene, Co-owner
While I feel fine, I have a health problem that may cause problems at some time.  My blood pressure has become more difficult to control and, because that may cause problems at some point, I have made Laz a co-owner, with his agreement, of course. 
I think he will be a very fine co-owner or owner if I am unable to continue. 
Please comment to me privately at
gsasner@... if you have questions or comments about my health.  If you want to discuss the appointment in terms of list policy, expressing support or lack thereof, I’ll allow that on list for a few days, but other matters such as inquiring about my health, I would prefer to be done off list.
Gene, co-owner