Boycott Multi Extra program


Hi all

Sorry for this e-mail, but I feel very angry.

I see a member asked about Multi Extra site. The address for Multi Extra is
By the way, I'd like to tell that I decided to boycott this program because the following reason
1. This take a lot of disk space because of a lot of unused utilities such as python, plus a lot of features I don't like or never use, but no way to choose where to install / not install any of them. No feedback when I ask its author about this problem. I know those may be a nice features for some people, but not useful for all blind people, and author just want the program works as he / she wants.
2. This just an integration of multiple free utilities such as QTranslate, but the author still want to sell it. I don't know that he / she sells it with or without permission from the original program's developers, but I don't want to pay for a product that just integrate, or steals other free program. He / she did this once at the very end of year 2019, with multiple complains from audience, but now he / she still want to get money by that way.
With those reasons, I deleted Multi Extra from any computer I have, and won’t respond to any people ask me for anything about this for about two weeks. However, I don't ask people to do the same.
. Sorry if I disturb you. This is the first, and the last e-mail I talk about Multi Extra here.