braille embosser users email list?

Josh Kennedy


I’m on this list for the orbit reader of course because I have two of them, one as a backup in case the other needs repaired. So anyway I also have an irie-at or viewPlus braille buddy embosser. I would like to know if there is an email list for braille embosser users? Like a general braille embosser users list or something for support and tips of all kinds of embossers? I sometimes use the braille buddy to emboss pictures and small documents. But I have to admit I use my orbit readers a lot more than the small embosser. When I bought the embosser, I just got it with no addons, no warranty just the embosser that is it because I got a repair quote and they said it would cost around the price of a perkins brailler repair anyway. Besides it just stays in one place on my desk. Just seems like for me if I want braille from my computer, unless I absolutely have to see formatting or some picture or a chart… It’s so much more convenient and faster to hook up a braille display then I get all the braille I want instantly. I did have an issue come up with the embosser where it refused to update to the latest tiger software suite so I had to download a fresh copy and install it overtop of the one already installed and activate it online. Then all was good to go. But if there is a support list for viewPlus embossers that anyone knows of that would be great. I find sometimes I have formatting issues. I’ll go to emboss something and the word-wrapping is wrong or formatting of the braille document is not what I expected.





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