[BTG] RE: Praanav, the Blind Photographer, Chromebooks, And Setting Up 1Password In Windows 10

Nimer Jaber

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Hello everyone,


Welcome to the 64th episode of Blind Tech Guys, and a happy Hanukkah to anyone who celebrates it. As always, thanks for joining us on this bumper episode.


Main Discussion On Today’s Episode

Praanav came on to discuss his views on the vOICe sensory substitution app, and what he uses it for, including taking photos of his travels.


Nimer discussed Chromebook accessibility, and answered the questions of who Chromebooks are for, which Chromebooks should I buy, and how much should I spend on a Chromebook.


Marco illustrated the process of signing up for a 1password account, and how to go about downloading, and logging into the Windows client.


 Listener Emails

We received two wonderful listener emails this week and the team appreciates you both for taking the time to write to us.


To listen, head on over to the Blind Tech Guys Website, where you can easily subscribe and listen in your preferred podcast player, or you can simply ask your smart speaker to “play the latest episode of Blind Tech Guys”.


Warm regards,


Marco Curralejo


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