Casting call for NVDA users

Quentin Christensen

Hi everyone,

We included this in the In-Process blog last week, but wanted to share it individually as well for reach (please do pass on to anyone who may be interested).

Casting call for NVDA users!

Calling all our movie star NVDA users! We would love you to send us videos of you using NVDA, especially at work, at school, college or university. We want to show NVDA in action and would also love to hear about who you are, where you are from and what you love about NVDA.

Videos do not need to be of high quality – using your phone will be fine. Please note that we would like to use what you supply on the NV Access website, in our social media and media. We would love to share these stories & videos to highlight the work of NV Access and the great impact NVDA has. The intention is to raise awareness and to support us to continue our work.

If you are able to share a short video (say 30 seconds as a guide), we’d love to hear from you! The easiest way would be if you could please save it on a cloud service such as Dropbox, Google drive or OneDrive. Then please share a link to the file with us at info@....

Kind regards


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager