Curious about History of Windows


There has been many updates of Windows since the 80's. It seems to me that all updates were paid updates up till Windows 10. Is this right? I have invested a lot of money in Windows updates and screen reader updates. Glad we no longer have to pay for Windows updates.

DOS August 1981

DOS 5 1990

First Windows OS 1985

Windows 3.April 1992

Windows 3.11 1993

Windows 95 August 1995

Windows 98 August 1998

Windows ME August 2000

Windows XP August 2001 OE came bundled with XP

VistaNov 2006 Windows Mail came with Vista

Windows 7 July 2009No email client came with Windows 7

Windows 8 October 2012

Windows 8.1 August 2013

Windows 10 July 2015

Windows 11, October 2021

Josh Kennedy

sometimes I wish I could go back to using dos and an old doubleTalk or decTalk synthesizer. But I know those days are over.