Edit Fields or Forms Fields, Stopping Jaws From Jumping Out of Them When Typing

Mike B

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From: Holly
Hi group:

I just saw, on a JAWS list, that some people were having issues with JAWS
jumping out of edit boxes while typing.

I had this problem awhile ago on the Costco website and I think Gene told me
the workaround, but I have forgotten.

If someone could post the solution, I will pass it on.

From: Gene
Use JAWS key z, when you are at the edit field to turn the virtual PC cursor
off.  Then, when you are finished working with the edit field, use the same
command to turn it on again.  Using enter to enter forms mode instead may
allow you to return to the virtual PC cursor when you don't want to if the
edit field refreshes as you type.  JAWS key z won't allow this.