Facebook Messenger on iOS 15

John Holcomb II

Hey  there.

In the good news department, FB messenger seems to be reading messages as they come in a lot better than it did in older version of iOS.


So I  have my iPod touch upgraded to iOS 15 latest build. Is there an easier way to get to the send button in messenger using a keyboard?

It used to be that before on any other version  of iOS, you could hit enter to send a message using the keyboard.

Now enter puts in a new line.

I know there’s no setting in the actual app that one can change so that enter sends the message rather than putting a new  line.

So short of right arrowing a  couple of times to the send message button, and pressing  up/down arrow together to double tap that button, is there a quicker way to tap the send button in messenger?

Is there perhaps a way to assign a keyboard command to that particular button or some such using voiceover?

Cause now its just more button presses to get back to the edit box to type more messages if you want to send a few at a time.

What I’d like to be able to do is stay in the edit field, and as I’m done t typing each message to be able to hit some kinda keyboard thing that would send the message as I remain in the edit field.

Got any  ideas?