Google Chromecast or Amazon Firestick


Hello list
I do not mean to start a long discussion so the moderators must please stop
it when they feel its enough. I want to buy either of these but I really do
not know which is best in respect of accessibility. I read kindle books on
both and I listened to youtube videos. The Firestick has Alexa but I can not
figure out if one could install talkback and if this is really necessary,
for there is an app on android but not for iPhone. The Googlechrome has
google assistant and talkback already installed but I do not know how
helpful talkback would be when there is an app on the phone which simulates
the remote control. At this moment my choice falls on the Google Chrome just
because there is an app for the iPhone but maybe someone could make a clear
point why to go for the Firestick.
Kind regards