Issue With Duxbury Braille Translation

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

This is a continuation of my issues with the BRF file format and translating this into text or some other readable format.
I have a friend who has Duxbury 12.3.  We tried to import the BRF files into Duxbury and then to translate them into formats such as Text or HTML.  What seems to be happening is that Duxbury is using by default English Unified Braille.  These bRF file are probably using older formats (I think they are called US standard or something.) I say this because  I am getting such renderings as:

I want to be able to come. as I wan to be # !--every.

My friend and I are not very good at using this software (I never have because I don't have a Braille printer.)

If anyone has any solutions to this, I would greatly appreciate your suggestions.

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