Jaws2023 Beta 2 Available, Build J2023.2209.48 + What's New

-Mike B

Hi All,
The download link for J2023.2209.48 Beta2 is below along with the what's new in this beta release.
Download Link:
Beta Report Link:
What's New:
Enhancements in JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion 2023 Public Beta 2
The following is a list of improvements made between Public Beta 1 and Public Beta 2. Note that while many customer-reported enhancements are included
in this release, the following is a list of more notable changes.
Enhancements in JAWS 2023 Public Beta 2
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• When creating a rule for a selected notification, you can now enter a name for the rule. IN addition, the Manage notification Rules dialog box now includes
an option to rename an existing rule.
• Under the Web/HTML/PDFs group in Settings Center, renamed the Page Analyzer group to Smart Glance to better reflect this feature.
• Addressed an issue with the JAWS Virtual Cursor unexpectedly moving back to the top of a web page on pages containing advertisements that constantly
• In Edge and Chrome, resolved an issue where JAWS was not properly reading table headers defined by using the "ID" and "header" attributes. JAWS also
now properly reads the "axis" attribute. You can find examples of these types of tables on our
Surf's Up
 training pages.
• Resolved an issue where headings in Word documents were not being shown in braille.
• After using table navigation commands in Word, addressed an issue where JAWS would stop reading content after exiting the table.
• In response to customer feedback, the JAWS Tandem option has been moved back to the top of the Utilities menu in the JAWS main window.
• The Liblouis braille translator used by JAWS and Fusion has been updated to version 3.23.0 and is now selected by default.
• When navigating through a list where the Virtual Cursor is off, such as a list of chat messages in Teams or Slack, list items containing a lot of content
are now fully read without speech stopping in the middle of the text.
• The JAWS and Fusion About box now contains a System type field which shows whether you are using X64 or ARM64. This information can also be found by
pressing CTRL+INSERT+V  while focused on the Desktop.
• Removed the Reuters Top News Stories Research It lookup source due to changes to the Reuters website which no longer allows us to retrieve information.
• Addressed issues using JAWS with the DVORAK keyboard.
• For German users, JAWS now includes the RTFC braille translator for all contracted braille like Basisschrift, Vollschrift, and Kurzschrift (These are
the German names for Grade 0-2). This translator is the default when the JAWS language is set to German.
• Resolved an issue for Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian users where you could not enter the @ symbol from a Focus braille display keyboard into a Word document.
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Enhancements in ZoomText and Fusion 2023 Public Beta 2
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• The Tethered View menu ( Magnifier  toolbar tab > Window  button > Tethered View ) now toggles between Enable and Disable instead of displaying a check
• Resolved an issue where the Tethered View window was hiding part of the Windows 11 Start menu search box.
• Resolved an issue where text in the Tethered View window was corrupted in various Multi-Monitor modes.
• Resolved an issue where the Zoom window alignment and margin settings were ignored in the Tethered View window.
• Resolved an issue where Excel formulas and Word comments did not display correctly after minimizing or maximizing the Tethered View window.
• Resolved an issue in Excel where the Tethered View window border remained on screen after viewing a formula.
• Resolved an issue in Excel where the Tethered View window was not displaying the formula near the selected cell in a worksheet.
• When selecting a comment in a Word document, Tethered View now shows only the last comment instead of the entire thread.
• The Tethered View window now remains in view when scrolling through a comment in Word.
• The Tethered View window no longer completely disappears when using its Collapse and Show buttons.
• Resolved an issue where the AppReader highlighter was not tracking properly while reading text.
• Resolved an issue where the Read Next Sentence and Read Previous Sentence commands were not working when reading a PDF with AppReader.
• Resolved an issue where a PDF would close when using the CTRL+HOME  and CTRL+END  commands with AppReader.
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Known Issues
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• After updating to Public Beta 2, in most cases, the installer will prompt you to restart your system. After restarting, you may experience a crash when
attempting to start JAWS, ZoomText, or Fusion. If this happens, restarting your system a second time will resolve this issue.
• Please note there are currently some stability issues with Fusion and ZoomText when using Microsoft Mail.
• On ARM64, when JAWS notifies you there is an update on startup, pressing ENTER  to select and install the update does not work as expected. To install
the update, you can either use Check for Updates in the JAWS Help menu, or download the full installer using the links on this page. This issue will be
resolved in the final release.
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