MS Outlook 2007


Hello list
This is what I am using on my pc. Can one have more than one email address
using this one email client and if so, how does one switch from one address
to the other to keep emails separate?

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

Since Office 2007 has been out of support for a very long time now what follows is based on "misty memories" of using Outlook 2007.

It handled multiple accounts just like most e-mail clients do.  There is a tree view for the accounts defined and the folders that are a part of those accounts, accessed much like any other tree view is.  There will be a separate inbox per account, by default.  I do not think that 2007 supported an integrated inbox where all incoming messages from multiple accounts are presented in one place.  You have to visit the respective inboxes for each individual account to look at the messages for that account.

I would ditch Outlook 2007 for something supported.


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