Need help with rules, please!

Carolyn Arnold

I need help with rules. All of my emails are coming to
drafts now, and I do not know what to do to restore them so
that they would go back to their respective boxes.

One of my lists is going to junk. I figured out why, but
haven't figured out how to correct it. One sender has a list
that I did not want any more, but no place on the bottom to
opt out, so I blocked that person.

Problem: that person also is in the viPhone group, and now
everything for viPhone, since that person is in it now, is
going to Junk.

I have tried moving viPhone mail, including from the blocked
person, to my inbox then creating the rule again for them
to go to the viPhone box, but to junkj they come.

Now, this list and others are coming to Drafts. It is a

Also, I don't know how to find blocked senders in order to
remove a block.