NvDA Add-on Internals: receiving suggestions for the next add-on to cover #article

Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...>

Hi all, mostly NVDA fans:

One of the weaknesses of NVDA has been lack of documentation to allow programmers to extend NVDA and collaborate on add-ons. To help people glimpse how NVDA developers think and to document some parts of NVDA for future developers, I decided to work on a series of articles documenting internals of various NVDA add-ons (how they work behind the scenes). The result is the first series of articles on how StationPlaylist Studio add-on for NVDA (one of my add-ons) works, which can be found at:

To continue this momentum, I’d like to ask which add-on you would like to see covered next. Currently, I’m debating between Clip Contents Designer (appending text and managing clipboard data) and System Tray List (shows a list of system tray or taskbar icons). Please let me know which one you would like to read about more.