Office 365 question

Madison Martin

Hi all,
Can someone please tell me how to check and possibly adjust the automatic
send/receive interval using Office 365? I don't know if anything needs to be
changed, but I get a few newsletters daily and they always come at a similar
time, and lately I've noticed that they come much later then usual. I've also
noticed that I'll go through long periods of the day when I don't receive
emails, but as soon as I shut down, restart and reopen Outlook I get a tone of
emails, often ones that look like they were sent awhile ago, could this be an
issue with automatic send/receive, or something else? I have not changed any
settings, but I noticed the other day when I restarted my computer that it was
doing an update, though I have no idea what was being updated. I'm running
Office 365, the latest Jaws 2021 and Windows 10. Thanks for any help anyone can
provide me!!!