problem with webpages in Chrome

Vicki W

When trying to access pages with downloads, one of two things happen.
If it is a .PDF, I get the following message, although I can eventually download the .pdf file.
Webpage title
This page isn’t working
Webpage title redirected you too many times.
list of 1 items
Try clearing your cookies.
list end
This happens immediately when I open the page to download the file.
When downloading an audio file, not only do I get a similar message, but while it will download, 5 or 6 other download options identical to the original one open and I need to close them all after the download completes.
What causes these multiple options to download and network error messages?
I have cleaned up my cookies and other items in Google Chrome, but the messages keep coming,, not only on regular webpages, but with Open Drive and Dropbox direct downloads as well.