question about a second hard drive

Shirley Healy

I am thinking of getting an upgrade to my existing laptop, which right now only has a small hard drive, if I got an upgrade, would the new hard drive just look like another separate drive? I wouldnt have to uninstall everything including the operating system to upgrade it would I?

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


            The first thing you need to determine, since we're talking a laptop here, is whether yours will even support more than one drive, as it sounds like you have the intention of adding an additional one.  If you don't, then you do not need to consider that.

             Most of the time when upgrading either drive size/capacity, technology (SSD instead of HDD), or both at once you simply acquire a new drive of the correct physical configuration for your machine, clone your existing system drive to it, then transplant it in to your laptop.  Depending on the cloning software used, you may or may not have to deal with expanding partitions to take advantage of your newly acquired space.  Some cloners will also allow you to expand partition size when they're doing the cloning, others don't.

              I recently did this in the opposing direction, going from a 2TB HDD that had well over 1TB of free space to a 1TB SSD, so the clone just "lopped off" all of the unused space when it cloned to make what was actually used fit on to the smaller drive.

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