Question about Thunderbird

Elaine Young <REYoung1436@...>

Question about Thunderbird

Hi folks, I am new to the list and need some support with Mozilla Thunderbird. I've accidentally changed some setting concerning my "TO" field and need
to know how to change it back.

Previously when I type in a name it would do an auto fill and I could arrow down to the recipient I wanted. But now as I start typing it will simply say
"1 of 2" and will not tell me what name is coming up. It is also a problem when I have an open message after hitting control R to reply. If I shift tab
to the to field from the message field, I can't confirm that I am going  to send the message to a the person I want to send to.

Can someone tell me what I've done and how to correct it?


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John Sanfilippo

Hi, I'm running TB 78.4 with NVDA and having similar trouble. It seems that the autofill is working, but somewhere between TB and NVDA, it's just not being spoken. I'm not sure of the solution, but try either Saying Current line, and/or tabbing or arrowing about. Not very convenient, but it can work.